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Professionally managed




property preparation

  • Evaluation of the property for short-term rentals
  • Consultancy for decoration, improvements and adaptations



  • Cleaning supervision
  • Trousseau management
  • Replacement of basic items
  • Supervision of maintenance services


LISTING management

  • Professional photos
  • Creation of ads on multiple platforms (Airbnb, Booking, etc.)
  • Calendar and price management
  • Answering queries from potential guests (in Portuguese, English and Spanish)
  • Social media strategies
  • Creation of website and visual identity*
   *On demand service



  • Bookings management
  • Communicating with guests before, during and after the stay
  • Check-in and check-out processes
  • Guests reviews



  • Payment processing and transfers
  • Performance reports


     All items in the Basic Manager Pack

  • Multi-platform ads creation (Airbnb, Booking, VRBO)
  • Face-to-face check-in, when necessary
  • Supervision of maintenance services
  • Simple repairs and maintenance included
  • Detailed guestbook and instructions
  • Performance reports and statistics
  • Preferential advertising on Alugue Rio social networks
of booking amount

  • Property evaluation (technical visit)
  • Consultancy for decoration 
  • Creation of new ads (Airbnb)
  • Enhancement of existing ads
  • Professional photos 
  • Calendar and price management
  • Answering queries from potential guests in Portuguese, English and Spanish
  • Guest selection
  • Communication with guests before, during and after the stay
  • Instructions for self check-in and check-out
  • Public reviews management
  • Supervision of cleaning services
  • Payment processing and transfers
15 to 25%
of booking amount





- Listing advertisement creation

- Ad creation + professional photos

- Ad management (communication with guests, calendar, prices)

- Creation of property website

- Social network management 

- Consultancy for decoration, adaptation and preparation of properties for short rentals
BRL 300
BRL 500
On request
10 to 15%
On request
booking commission
BRL 150/h


  • What are the differences between the plans and administration packages offered by Alugue Rio?
    The costs vary according to the monthly income of the property and the complexity of the activities managed. We work with 3 plans: :. Digital Management: 10 to 15% commission on bookings Alugue Rio prepares the advertisement, manages the calendar, prices and all communication with potential guests until the moment of booking. The owner remains responsible for all operational management of the property (check-in, check-out and cleaning). .: Basic Manager: 15 a 25% commission on bookings In addition to advertising, calendar management, pricing and communication, this plan includes the entire operational routine of the accommodation (check-in, check-out, cleaning). It also includes consultancy for improvements and decoration of the property and professional photos. The percentage will be defined based on the potential profitability of the property and the logistical structure offered for management (eg: washing machine and dryer). .: Full Manager: 30% commission on bookings This plan includes all items in the Basic Manager and additionally offers the creation of advertisements on multiple platforms (Airbnb, Booking, VRBO), costing of simple repairs and maintenance, production of performance reports and statistics, and the dissemination property on Alugue Rio's social networks. Commission values are calculated on the value of the reservations obtained, excluding the cleaning fee, which is paid by the guest. There are no fixed charges. In this modality, you only pay commission when there are reservations. Thus, it is in the interest of both Alugue Rio and the owner that the property makes as much profit as possible, generating gains for everyone.
  • Do I need to make any initial investment to rent my property?
    We do not charge fees to start managing your property. However, on some occasions it is recommended that you make an initial investment to decorate and equip the apartment properly, making it more attractive and comfortable for a vacation rental.
  • What does my property need to have to be rented for a season?
    To be competitively placed on the vacation rental market, a property must have at least the basic items of comfort and functionality, such as a bed, table, chairs, stove, refrigerator, access to water, gas and electricity, in addition to the internet. It all depends on the profile of the property, the target audience you want to reach and even the location in which it is located. The more differentials offered, the better.
  • How much can I earn with vacation rentals?
    Earnings from vacation rentals are highly variable. They depend on the characteristics of the property, location, seasonality and many other factors. However, it is possible to state that, on average, seasonal rental properties have a much higher profitability when compared to properties with traditional rentals (fixed/long-term).
  • Will I be able to use my property?
    Yes. Under the proposed terms and conditions, you will have the right to make use of your property.
  • How do I get my property managed by Alugue Rio?
    Contact us using the forms available on the website. We will be happy to help.
  • What is the step by step to place my property for vacation rental?
    After the first contact with us, we will schedule a technical visit to get to know your property better and understand your expectations. Then, we will formalize the signing of a term of general conditions of service through which our partnership will be guided. The next step is to take professional photos of the property, define daily rates, general rules of the property and prepare the ad based on this information. Once the advertisement is published, your property will receive reservations!
  • I don't own a property, but can I nominate an owner who does? Do I earn any money for this?
    Yes! Through the Alugue Rio referral program you can refer as many owners as you want and we will reward you for doing so. For each referral converted, that is, for each owner who becomes our official partner, you earn R$300. Click on the "Refer and Earn" link to learn more.


We are a platform for managing and promoting short-term rental properties in the state and city of Rio de Janeiro.

Our team is made up of people passionate about the art of welcoming people, which we practice with quality, professionalism and a generous dose of hospitality.

Our mission is to provide the best experiences and  services within the vacation rental segment.

To property owners, we offer property management services for short-term  rentals. According to the needs of each client, we take care of different stages and management processes typical of this modality, including the creation of advertisements, professional photos, dissemination on multiple platforms, communication with guests, booking management, guests reception, payment processing, and supervision of maintenance and cleaning services.

To our guests, we offer properties rigorously selected according to the criteria of Location, Security, Functionality, Design and Comfort, which we consider to be the 5 essential virtues of a good accommodation. We also offer complementary support services for transportation, scheduling tours and other occasional travel demands.

We also provide, on demand, consulting and training services to owners who are commencing in the short-term rentals universe.

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