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Alugue Rio referral program

Refer a property and earn BRL 300 

Alugue Rio invites you to nominate owners who want to advertise their properties in the vacation rental market. And best of all, we reward you for it!

For each referral converted, that is, for each new property that officially becomes our partner, you earn BRL 300.

Do you know someone in Rio who has a property with great potential for short term rentals? Or someone who lives far away and cannot manage it remotely?

Have you already talked to the owner about Alugue Rio?
Can we disclose your identity to the owner?

Thanks for submitting.
We will contact the owner shortly and keep you informed of the progress of your referral.Thank you so much for participating!  🧡🚀

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To make a referral, just fill in the form below with your contact and owner data, and inform the city in which the property is located.

The nominations made by you will be evaluated by our team, who will promptly contact the person indicated in order to present a partnership proposal and start advertising the property.

Through Whatsapp, in a transparent way, we will keep you informed about the progress of your referral and the payment schedule.

You can nominate as many owners and properties as you want, and you can accumulate earnings (example: if you nominate 5 Owners and 3 of them close a partnership with Alugue Rio, you earn R$900).
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