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Alugue Rio referral program

The Alugue Rio referral program consists of the payment of rewards of up to R$300 to individuals who refer property owners who may officially become Alugue Rio partners by contracting one or more vacation rental management services.   

Reward values may be updated or changed without prior notice, and the new values do not apply to referrals that have already been submitted.

Payments will be made by PIX within 5 working days after confirmation of the partnership between Alugue Rio and the owner of the indicated property. If another form of payment is requested (eg bank deposit), any additional transaction fees must be borne directly by the signer. 

General conditions
The partnership between the owner and Alugue Rio will be considered confirmed and effective as of the signing of a contract between the parties or the receipt of amounts related to contracted services or payments for reservations made by guests. 

Evaluation procedures and criteria
Nominations must be submitted using the form available on "Refer and Earn" link. After submitting the nomination, our team will contact the owner in order to get to know their profile better and schedule a visit to the indicated property.

The Alugue Rio team may accept or reject the indication depending on numerous factors, and may consider, among others, the following items: 1) location of the property, 2) general conditions of the property, 3) availability of basic infrastructure and furniture, such as such as a bed, refrigerator, stove, water, gas and internet, 4) pricing potential, 5) general and environmental conditions of the building, the street or the neighborhood.

If the property is in a good position to be listed for short term rentals and the owner is in agreement with the proposed terms, the partnership will be formalized, after which the nominee will be able to receive the due reward. The decision to adopt a certain property in its portfolio is entirely at the discretion of the Alugue Rio team, and there is no obligation in case the property does not correspond to its interests and/or the aforementioned criteria.

Referral limit
There is no limit on the number of owners and properties to be nominated.


Once the nomination is made, all communication with the nominees will be done preferably by whatsapp, through text and/or audio.

Other provisions
Participation in the referral program and the eventual receipt of rewards within its scope does not generate any employment or any other relationship between the parties involved.


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